A Course on Rice Diseases

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This course tackles the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills required to study plant pathogens of rice. After the course, participants will be equipped to start their own guided research on plant pathogens, not limited to those relevant to rice production.


  • Obtain basic knowledge on concepts related to microbiology and plant pathology
  • Get acquainted with the major and emerging diseases of rice
  • Experience rigorous hands-on sessions on plant pathological techniques used at IRRI

Key Modules

  • Host-pathogen interactions
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Culture maintenance and preservation
  • Molecular detection of plant pathogens

Target Audience

  • Scientists working on plant stresses (epidemiologists, entomologists plant pathologists, plant breeders)
  • Private Sector agri-business employees (large and small)
  • Students
  • Anyone who is interested!

Duration: 5 days


  • None