Advanced Applications of Oryza in Rice Research

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This training aims to improve and extend the skills of ORYZA users for more advanced application studies, which may require thousands or even millions of simulations.

Program Highlights

  • Managing large-scale simulations with ORYZA: data handling, input file organization, simulation management, and output analysis for regional grid-cell simulations;
  • Using ORYZA for climate change study: impact assessment and optimizing adaptation strategies for rice production under climate change;
  • Using ORYZA for rice breeding: evaluating the performance of breeding lines in a large number of environments, identifying the hot spots for dissemination of varieties, and differentiating the contribution of specific breeding traits; and
  • Using ORYZA for crop management optimization: optimizing cropping calendar, planting density, and water and nitrogen application for a specific site.


  • Basic understanding of crop modeling; and
  • Basic knowledge in using ORYZA Rice Model for rice production simulation; OR
  • Has already taken the ORYZA training program for beginners.