Ecological management of rodents, insects and weeds in rice agro-ecosystems

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Through a balance mixture of classroom lectures, group discussion and projects and hands on field sessions, this course covers foundational ecological principles underlying biotic interactions in rice agro-ecosystems and their translation into pest and weed management strategies. Additionally the course will also cover the principles and conduct of farmer participatory research as a foundation for technology transfer of pest and weed management strategies.


During the course, participants will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in:

  • Applying knowledge of ecology toward the management of rodents, insects and weeds in rice agro-ecosystems
  • Using the scientific approach to study pest management at a landscape level;
  • Applying field and simple computer models that lead to better management;
  • Decision analysis of pest problems, and determining processes and factors that influence farmer’s decisions;
  • Principles for effective transfer of knowledge to end users (e.g. extension officers, farmers, policy makers)

Key Modules

  • General ecology: principles and methodologies
  • Rodent ecology and management
  • Insect ecology and management
  • Weed ecology and management
  • Farmer participatory research

Target Audience

  • Government officials
  • Scientists
  • Private Sector agri-business employees (large and small)
  • Students
  • Anyone who is interested!

Duration: 12 days


  • None. However participants should note that the course does require some outdoor physical exertion.