Data Analytics Using R Programming

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R is the leading open source statistical and data analysis programming language. Through thousands of useful open source libraries, R empowers its users to solve complex problems, efficiently analyze data and develop powerful visuals. R also enables users to build their own analysis methods and algorithms to solve specific problems. Through the use of an online self-study platform as well as live practice sessions and office-hours offered in-person at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) Headquarters (HQ) or online via live streaming, this course empowers participants to become proficient in the R programming language so that they can begin to utilize R for whatever purpose they may need. For a more personalized learning experience, in-person attendance at IRRI HQ is recommended, but it is not required.

Course Objectives

  • Master the basics of data analysis and common data structures
  • Learn the how to automate multi-step processes and repetitive tasks
  • Learn how to write R functions so that your processes can be more easily repeated
  • Get over the R learning curve

Course Content

  • Introduction to R
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Data visualization

Learning Events

  • Online self-study that includes lectures and graded exercises
  • Live practice and Q&A sessions with experienced R programmers


  1. Applicants will be notified thru email if they are accepted or not.
  2. Participants must bring their own laptop.