Advanced Rice Production Course

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Course Description

Learn and experience the foundations of efficient rice growing for high yield and quality grains and be exposed and familiar with the latest technologies and researches in rice production and research.

This is a course covering all the necessary elements in growing and producing rice: from land preparation to post-harvest operations. Participants will also explore the best practices, innovations, and trends surrounding rice production.


After this training program, the participants will be able to:

  1. Explore the innovations and trends around rice production;
  2. Examine the value of rice research and how rice varieties are developed and released; and
  3. Identify the sustainable procedures and processes in growing rice.


A pre-training module, Steps to Successful Rice Production, will serve as a prerequisite for the course. The content of this module is an overview of the best practices in rice production.

Synchronous Lectures

The training will compose of 3-4 lectures per day, spanning 30-45 minutes, supplemented by exercises to apply the concepts (case studies, video simulations, etc.). There will be discussions and interactions with the experts.

Innovation Project

Participants from each country will be tasked to develop innovative projects that they could implement after the training. On the last day of training, participants will present a one-page concept note on their proposed project. Each participant will be required to present the results 6 months after the online course. IRRI Education will be available during implementation to assist in mentoring and linking to the resource persons in case participants have questions.