Rice Production Basics (for SERVE Project/by Invitation)

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This 3-day Rice Production Basics course is designed specifically for the SERVE project. This customized training course covers knowledge, techniques, and skills on rice production basics, which includes rice plant morphology, growth and development, ecosystems, and rice seed and seed systems, as well as nutrient management. This course will employ the use of lecture-discussions, and hands-on activities.


  • Discuss the morphology of the rice plant and seed
  • Explain rice growth phases, stages, and their importance
  • Identify common rice pests and injuries caused to plants, and diseases
  • Enumerate the characteristics for describing seed quality
  • Describe the concept and process of seed certification
  • Discuss site-specific nutrient management principles used in Rice Crop Manager
  • Discuss harvest and postharvest management principles and best practices

Key Modules

  • Rice Morphology, Growth and Development
  • Rice Ecosystems & Multienvironment testing for site-specific variety recommendations
  • Major Rice Insect Pests, Weeds and Diseases: Injuries, Damage and Diagnosis, and Crop health assessment
  • The Rice Seed and Seed Systems
  • Crop management principles and best practices
  • Harvest and Postharvest management

Target Audience

  • Nominees/applicants from Research Division, Field Operations Division, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMED), Agribusiness & Marketing Assistance Services Division (AMAD) of the Department of Agriculture regional field offices.

Duration: 3 full days

General Requirements:

  1. the applicant is an employee with permanent, technical position, with more than six months in the current position for new entrants;
  2. the applicant is directly involved in the implementation of agricultural development programs and projects for at least one year;
  3. the applicant has rendered at least one year of continuous satisfactory service;
  4. the applicant has no pending administrative or criminal case;
  5. the applicant is in good health condition as certified by a licensed medical doctor.

Specific Requirements for This Course:

  1. the applicant is not over 45 years old;
  2. the applicant is a graduate of agriculture and agriculture-related degree courses;
  3. the training course is relevant to the technical requirements of his/her post.
  4. the applicant is currently leading or actively involved in the implementation of regional programs and projects on rice R&D/E and crop production.