Seed Production Basics

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This course covers all elements of rice seed production from land preparation to post-harvest processing. Participants will be given basic knowledge in seed varieties and the meaning of seed quality. There will be a large amount of hands-on experience in the seed production field.


  • Basic understanding about quality seed and its importance
  • Learn basic information on rice plant and seed anatomy, seed classes and seed systems
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation for the knowledge and work it takes to produce quality rice seed
  • Hands-on experience in all stages of seed production

Key Modules

  • Morphology and characterization
  • Seed production
  • Post harvest management and seed health (storage, post harvest and health)
  • Seed processing and certification

Target Audience

  • NARES and other public sector entities
  • Private Sector agri-business employees (large and small)

Duration: 5 days

Prerequisites: None