SIIL-Polder Scholarships

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About the scholarships

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) invites qualified students to apply for MS Research Scholarship positions to work on agricultural production systems and water management in coastal zone of Bangladesh.

  • Selected scholars will be required to work on any of the three identified research priority areas. Changing of research topics and degree program will not be allowed.

    Theme 1: Agronomy/water management

    • Technologies for intensification and diversification of agricultural production systems

    Theme 2: Socioeconomics/economics

    • Adoption of improved technologies – quantifying adoption, perceptions and the impacts of adoption on rural livelihoods

    Theme 3: Gender in Agriculture

    • Gender dimensions in water governance
  • A. Types and number of scholarship (for research component only)

    • Up to 1 year for sandwich MS degree program
    • Scholarship slots available: three MS scholarships

    B. Eligibility requirements

    All applicants must:

    • be from Bangladesh and must be enrolled in a University in Bangladesh.
    • be involved in the field of rice science and related systems research
    • be willing to work on any of the identified research area for the MS research
    • be highly qualified, well-rounded rice scientists from the public or private sector in Bangladesh
    • have finished all MS coursework requirements if any.
    • be endorsed by his/her university supervisor
    • possess adequate proficiency in English

    C. Scholarship benefits

    Monthly stipend, contingency funds to cover insurance premium with local medical and accident insurance coverage, and research support costs.

    The scholarship will not cover any benefits relating to research administrative charges and university/tuition fees.

  • A. Types and number of scholarship (for research component only)

      1. Interested applicants should submit an application online on or before the deadline together with the following:
        • Application letter;
        • Updated curriculum vitae (CV);
        • Scanned official transcript of records (BS, MS), as applicable. If applicable, a copy of grades for MS coursework should also be submitted;
        • Letters of assessment/recommendation letters from at least one expert working in the same research area;
        • Endorsement from the participating university, where the student is currently enrolled.

    Only complete application documents will be processed.

    After the closing date, the applications will be reviewed and evaluated. This step includes the scientists, who may take supervision for the scholar.

      • The process of selection may involve communications between supervising scientist, university and scholar in terms of thesis research area. The thesis research must be in line with any of the identified thematic areas for research;
      • For a person applying from the NARS (public or private or civil society) it will be essential to demonstrate that the applicant is engaged in rice based farming system research and will contribute to rice research on return to their institution or company.

    Applicants will be informed of the status of their applications.

    Contact Details:

    Froilan Fule
    Officer ‐ Administrative Coordination

    International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
    DAPO Box 7777 Metro Manila, Philippines
    +63 2 8580-5600 ext 2484 or +63 049 536-2701 ext. 2484
    Mobile : +63 917-553-5604
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    We provide a gender-sensitive environment and strongly encourage women applicants.

    B. Allocation of slots

    A total of 3 students will be identified to work under the themes. These students will be part of an existing research team supervised by senior IRRI and KSU scientists and mentors from the universities. This will contribute to building a strong network in Bangladesh around resource management and food security. Number of slots and themes can be changed based on availability of funds in the project.

    Important notes:

    Important notes:The IRRI supervisor will serve as a member of the student’s supervisory committee.
    All Intellectual Property that will be generated will be vested under the SIIL Project.

 Check out the scholarship guidelines on this link.


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