Evaluation of Rice Plant Resistance to Biotic Stress On-the-job Training

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IRRI invites interested researchers and early career scientists to apply for the Rice Plant Resistance on-the-job training program. This program covers hands-on training on methods of rice plant resistance evaluation to brown planthoppers (BPH), green leafhoppers (GLH), tungro, blast, and bacterial leaf blight (BLB) diseases. It also includes maintaining the insect cultures, virus infected plant source, and disease inoculum source for use in the biotic stress resistance evaluation. Upon completion of the course, students will be equipped to plan, design, and execute research using insects and disease resistance screening tests.

On-The-Job Training Objectives

  • Learn the methods of host plant resistance screening to insects and diseases.
  • Teach the participants the principle of maintaining insects cultures, virus and disease inoculum source.
  • Equip the participants with the knowledge and skills needed to run a facility for high throughput evaluation of host plant resistance to biotic stress.

Key Modules

  • Rice blast disease resistance evaluation
  • Bacterial leaf blight resistance evaluation
  • Rice tungro disease resistance evaluation
  • Brown planthoppers and green leafhoppers resistance evaluation
  • Maintenance of insect cultures and inoculum source

Target Audience

  • Scientists working on biotic stresses (plant pathologist, entomologist, plant breeders, crop protectionist)
  • Private Sector agri-business employees (large and small)
  • Students

Target Number of Participants: 4

Duration: 2 months from September 1 to October 30, 2020


  • Basic knowledge or interest in biological sciences

Course fee: US$8,335

Deadline of Application: July 31, 2020