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  • IRRI Education: Empowering the Rice Sector through Education

    IRRI Education: Empowering the Rice Sector through Education

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    Work and Research with IRRI's scientists

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Upcoming Programs for 2021

Driving Sustainable Rice Cultivation: Understanding the SRP Standard and Performance Indicators

In this course, you will be able to relate the benefits of sustainable rice farming to farmers; explain the SRP Standards on rice cultivation and the performance indicators; and conduct data collection and assessment among farmers to measure compliance to SRP performance indicators.

September 1-4, 2021

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Leadership in Research Management

The course will be oriented towards gaining an understanding of a range of conceptual skills relevant to global agricultural development and the challenges facing sustainable development.

April 12-16, 2021

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Rice Straw Management

Managing rice straw is a challenge in rice production: producing more rice leads to more straw. The most common resort is burning, which contributes to high levels of air pollution leading to several health issues.

May 11-13, 2021

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Laser Land Leveling

A well leveled land has been a very important perquisite in agriculture particularly in rice farming. It offers significant amount of benefit not just in terms of yield but also in environmental sustainability (e.g., savings in water and efficient use of fuel, fertilizer).

May 18-20, 2021

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IRRI Education’s unique contributions

There are many sources of knowledge, and many ways of gaining skills. IRRI’s approach has three distinct advantages.

  • We focus on hands-on learning. Participants are exposed to, are part of and learn within the reality of agricultural and scientific processes.
  • We develop and customise online courses with face-to-face blended learning delivery around the rice-based agri-food sector.
  • Participants not only learn, they build a network of fellow learners who are in their own employment addressing many of the same issues. Over a career this network will be as valuable as the learning itself.
  • Participants will meet and get to know world-leading scientists and practitioners in their field of interest.
  • All IRRI Education courses gets designed, developed, and delivered by IRRI Scientists, based on their innovative and current edge research knowledge.

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