Degree Program

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As a leading global rice research organization, IRRI is an excellent location for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in their PhD and MS studies where they can be supervised by leading scientists in their field and work in a world-class scientific environment.  Our degree programs provide students and scholars opportunities to pursue MS and PhD degrees, as well as fellowships to update their technical knowledge and skills as professionals in the national rice research systems.

Two main categories

IRRI Research Scholar

These are students from the public or private sector, developing and developed countries that come to IRRI to work on their MS or PhD degree research. All Scholars are registered with a university for the award of their degree either in their own country, the Philippines, or a third country and do their MS/PhD thesis research at IRRI under the supervision of an IRS. Some come with full support from IRRI for both “coursework and thesis”, while others come with support for “thesis only research”. They are funded either from I RRI research projects or independent scholarships and/or grant funds administered by IRRI.

  • Full scholarship (i.e., coursework and thesis) - Full scholarships are granted to qualified students from countries with relatively less developed educational systems. This scholarship supports both coursework and thesis research. IRRI scholarship will support a scholar for a maximum of 2 ½ years for full MS and 3 ½ years for full PhD.
  • Thesis-only scholarship - This scholarship supports only thesis research on topics of IRRI’s interest at IRRI or in the region. The scholar is expected to have completed coursework in a university and is ready to conduct thesis research at IRRI or elsewhere in collaboration with or under the supervision of an IRRI scientist.

Affiliate Research Scholars

These are students from developing or developed countries who come to IRRI for BS, MS or PhD thesis research under the supervision of an IRRI scientist.  They have an assured financial support from any sponsoring agency, other than IRRI. There is no cost to IRRI.


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