Communication Skills in Agriculture

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Learning to speak in a language that is understood by all is one of the challenges of working in a multi-cultural environment. When scholars, trainees, researchers, and coworkers have the ability to communicate successfully, the work environment is collectively enhanced. Furthermore, better oral communication skills create greater confidence, allowing the speaker to be more articulate and accurate in sharing his or her ideas.

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The development of communication skills is of utmost importance to developing the next generation of rice scientists who should all be skilled and confident in the design, conduct, and reporting of their research. Communication skills development will also help them become effective communicators in all aspects of their lives.

This course uses teaching and learning strategies that involve participants in a wide range of interactive activities. Participants will draw from their own and each other’s experiences and cultural backgrounds to interact in classroom activities.


By the end of the course, participants will have improved their:

communication skills in all aspects – speaking, listening, reading, and writing confidence in articulating and sharing their ideas about themselves, their work, their research, and their culture.


Mini-lectures, dyad/group discussions, sharing of ideas, games, role-plays, and interviews are the training methods in this course. Interactive and participatory methods will be used to teach the course. The course will culminate with an oral presentation from each of the participants.

Course Content

  • Module 1 – Improving Your Speaking Skills
  • Module 2 – Effective Listening Skills
  • Module 3 – Better Reading Skills
  • Module 4 – Writing Effectively
  • Culminating Activity