Politics and Economics of Rice Policy in Asia

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Event is for both updating the knowledge set of participants and also collective discussion of innovative ideas. Intent is to be a “safe” (non-politicized, non-reported) forum for sharing of ideas from researchers and policy-setters and for building of networks.

Participants will also experience the reality of all facets of rice production.


  • Become fully up-to-date on rice world technical issues and opportunities
  • Become fully up-to-date with rice world policy matters
  • Engage in discussion with fellow leaders on potential policy paths
  • Build, extend and reinforce personal rice world networks (experts and fellow policy leaders)
  • Hands-on field experience in all facets of rice production

Key Modules

Note: there will be two threads, interwoven:

Thread One

  • Current directions / opportunities in rice production / delivery systems
  • Field experience in the “reality” of rice production

Thread Two

  • Briefings on current policy issues and trends 
  • Briefings on current global / regional challenges
  • Participants sharing of challenges in their domains
  • Group discussion (“brainstorming”) of ideas for potential approaches to challenges

Target Audience

  • Top level (tier 1 / 2 / 3) - or those deemed “high potential” for promotion to that level  - leaders from Government, NARES/NGO/CGIAR/donors, agribusiness firms (Private and public sectors)
  • Senior academics with agricultural sector policy interests

Duration: 5 days


  • Experience of high-level responsibility in the agricultural world OR new appointment to position of such responsibility