Presentation Skills in Agriculture

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The oral presentation is perhaps the most common and the least expensive method of imparting information. It is a major option of professional communication that you can use. Developed presentation skills are an asset that will serve you well as a professional because the opportunity to share information with a group face-to-face can present itself any time.

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This three-day course on presentation skills is intended to develop and enhance the presentation skills of scholars, researchers, scientists, and the general audience to make them effective presenters.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • know the components of a presentation;
  • learn some tips in delivering an effective presentation;
  • practice the presentation tips through a workshop exercise.


Enhanced lecture discussions, followed by workshops and practice exercises, are the predominant learning methods in this course. Participants in this course will go through the process of preparing a presentation, presenting their presentation, and having their presentations evaluated.