Seed Systems

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Participants will be given an understanding of the role of seed systems and the actors involved in the seed chain. They will look at case studies and be able to learn from others’ experiences. This course prepares participants to help make improvements in their seed systems both locally and nationally.


  • Understand the principles of quality seed production, seed systems and policy.
  • Identify the actors and linkages within the seed chain and their contribution to seed promotion and distribution
  • Be able to identify constraints within an existing seed system
  • Be able to choose the appropriate seed system for local condition.
  • Be able to plan for and deploy a seed system in local conditions

Key Modules

  • Seed processing and certification
  • Seed systems
  • Seed policy and regulation
  • Linkages and networks
  • Promotion of quality seeds

Target Audience

  • NARES and other public sector entities
  • Private Sector agri-business employees (large and small)

Duration: 10 days

Prerequisites: RP101, SP101 or equivalent