Hybrid Rice Technology Workshop

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The two-day workshop is especially designed to cater to the information needs of executives, policy makers and managers on hybrid rice technology. In this program, participants would be able to gain knowledge on the fundamentals of the hybrid rice technology through open discussion sessions with global experts on hybrid rice. In addition, this workshop will also feature field visits so that participants can see how hybrid rice varieties perform. These activities will be helpful in understanding the potential hybrid rice seed market growth, its challenges, and its success stories.


  • To understand the fundamentals of hybrid rice technology
  • To directly gain knowledge on  the field performance of hybrid rice varieties
  • To share knowledge and opportunities in the growth of hybrid rice seed market
  • To understand challenges face by hybrid rice seed market
  • To gain insight on the impact of hybrid rice through success stories

Key Modules

  • Hybrid Rice
  • Crop Management
  • Hybrid Seed Production
  • Hybrid Rice Seed Market
  • Constraints & Strategies Towards Wide-scale Adoption of Hybrid Rice Technology

Target Audience

  • Executives
  • Policy Makers
  • Managers

Duration: 2 days


Priority to HRDC members and registrants of the Asian Seed Congress in Manila on Nov 12-16, 2018

Workshop Fee:

US$1,000 (accommodation not included)