Climate Smart Villages

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This training course will cover the broad facets and relevant issues around climate change in Southeast Asia and how can farming communities better adapt to and help mitigate climate change specifically in rice-based system. Employing the concept of climate-smart agriculture (CSA), the course will provide a thorough understanding of various adaptation and mitigation technologies and practices (T&Ps) that are location-specific and considers local capacities, with the end view of ensuring a food secure future.

climate smart villages

The training will consist of interactive lectures, field demonstration, and case study analyses. A concrete output of the training would be work plans on how to establish a Climate-Smart Village, which underpins the CSA approach, and how these concepts can be broadly disseminated across landscape and influence policy agenda.

The course is intended for mid-career (or higher) professionals who directly work on climate change programs/projects in the areas of research, governance, and policy.