General Mechanization Basics

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This course gives participants an understanding of mechanization system, the knowledge to define what makes a good mechanization system for their locality and the effect of mechanization on the agro-eco system and the rice value chain.


  • Understand the theory and practice of mechanization systems.
  • Identify mechanized system solutions and risks that may fit the local environment

Key Modules

  • What is mechanization (System, not just equipment)
  • Drivers for mechanization (Climate change, Labor shortages, Productivity opportunities, Ageing agricultural workforce, Enabling environment)
  • Barriers to mechanization and solutions to barriers (finance, policy, after sales service, agronomy)
  • Technical options to mechanization
  • Impact of mechanization
  • Economics of mechanization and business models
  • Approaches and successful mechanization strategies
  • Field experience of selected equipment

Target Audience

  • Private Sector agri-business employees (large and small)
  • Intermediaries (public, private, researchers, extension agents, suppliers)
  • Policy makers
  • End users
  • Contractors

Duration: 5 days